Healthy Office Snacks You Can Munch On

By Foodism Team


Do you like to munch on snacks from time to time at work? We do too! Workplace snacking is unavoidable. We spend a major amount of our day there and just one lunch is simply not sustainable. But then there is the question of how many packets of junk food can you eat in a day without compromising your health. So here is our list of healthy snack ideas which are office-friendly!


Roasted Chana-


Chickpeas (channa) are a super healthy and delicious snack that can be consumed at any time. It’s high in protein and contains very little fat. You also have flavour options like chana masala, salted chana or hing chana!


Whole Wheat Biscuits-


Don’t like to consume maida every day? Switch to whole wheat biscuits! Biscuits made from whole wheat are extremely nutritious and wholesome. They help to satisfy your hunger while also filling you up quickly.


Dry Roasted Almonds


Almonds are high in vitamin E and are high in proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, and fibre. If you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, eat a few almonds and nuts, which are also high in magnesium. This will definitely curb your hunger! 




Nothing too fancy, just get small portions of homemade salads for you to munch on! You can also make them interesting by adding wheat papdi. Protein is a necessary food for our bodies to function properly. You can also add lentils to increase the protein level of your salad!


Bread with Bananas and Oats


Bananas and oats are both popular among health-conscious people because of their nutritious content. Make a delicious snack out of the two that you can simply take to work. However, keep your amounts in check and don’t eat the entire loaf in one sitting!


Upma Rawa


Rawa upma is a healthy snack alternative made with semolina and seasonal veggies. It contains only 200 calories per serving and is also very delicious you can add any favourite vegetables and also soaked and toasted lentils to add a little texture to your snack!



Winter snacking option coming your way!- Tilgul are sesame seed and jaggery laddoos that are loaded with vitamins, calcium and iron. They’re perfect for when you’re craving something sweet after a meal. And they also keep you warm in the cold season!


There are many more options such as homemade popcorn, fruit chaat or soup to keep you fulfilled and healthy at the same time. You also can find the recipes for these snacks on our recipe blog - 

Happy snacking!