Food-tech Innovations in 2022

By Foodism Team


Emerging food technology trends mark a shift towards sustainable and personalized food choices. These include alternative protein sources, local foods, nutraceuticals, and personalized nutrition. The concern over environmental impacts is causing FoodTech startups and brands to integrate waste reduction practices as well as zero-waste workflows. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic had a compelling impact on accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies throughout the food value chain and improving food quality. Let’s get an in-depth view on these trends!

1. Alternative Proteins

Consumers are shifting towards alternative protein sources due to both health and environmental concerns, making it one of the most prominent food technology trends. Cultured meat, lab-grown food, plant-based nutrition, edible insects, and mycoprotein are the primary alternative protein sources. Not only are they nutrient-rich, but they also minimize resource use from farm to fork, unlike protein from livestock. 

2. Nutraceuticals

There is an increasing concern about the impact of food habits on health and a growing need for essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. With the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are focusing more on eating healthy, making nutraceuticals a top trend in the food industry. This is a critical element in driving the demand for nutraceuticals. These include nutritional supplements, functional foods, medicinal food, and gut microbiomes enhancement foods such as prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics.

3. Food Safety & Transparency

As customers now are more thoughtful about the quality of food products they buy, food safety is a significant concern. With smart labels and standalone food grading devices available to customers, it is easy for them to make knowledgeable decisions before choosing food items.

4. Personalized Nutrition

The rise in nutrition awareness among consumers is driving the demand for personalized nutrition solutions. These are not only limited to nutrigenomics-based diets but also include personal preferences such as sugar- and gluten-free diet, vegan diet, and clean label food products.

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