Creating a Network Beyond Social Media

By Foodism Team


Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, a community is something that every individual needs to build for themselves. Living in the golden age of social media, forming your community is easier than it was ever before. You can now network across the globe with a device that can fit your palm. The real question is how to start expanding your network. Keep reading to find out!

While social media is a good start for networking, it often restricts us from building our community. Besides this, the traffic on social media platforms and very high and finding like-minded individuals can be tough. Here’s when networking apps take the centre stage. Networking apps are more than just social media platforms. It allows individual growth, gives more autonomy to the user and can be easily used for business purposes. 

The upcoming Foodism app is a networking platform exclusively for food content and food-related events that can help you find your community! Here’s how-

Create. Connect. Collaborate

The largest currency is that of your connections with important individuals. On the foodism app, you can build your community, find like-minded individuals and also work with influencers & industry experts. 

You can also take your business to the next level by collaborating with other f&b brands!

Learn with Peers

As adults, it is often harder to grasp new concepts especially when it comes to e-learning. But community learning is proven to be more effective in this particular case. With the foodism app, you can learn about the f&b industry from the experts themselves in peer group discussions or online masterclasses. You can also engage with your peers to grow your knowledge!

Build Your Following

Do you love to share content? Maybe you are a recipe creator or a food & nutrition expert looking for a platform on which you can share your knowledge. Welcome to the foodism app where you can upload recipes, vlogs etc and build a network of subscribers who will consume your content. Become an influencer with Foodism!

Sounds like a good deal? Foodism app has made networking easier and more accessible for everyone. Build your community of like-minded people with Foodism now!