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Bas Ek Minute

16 - 29 Nov 2021


Upload videos recipes of under 1 Minute

This time you can surely grab the cash prizes upto Rs 5000/-

Know How and Participate Now!

Prizes :-

  • All participants with 100+ views on their video will get INR 200
  • Videos with 200+ views will win INR 400
  • Videos with 300+ views get a chance to win INR 750
  • If you’ve worked super hard…and you have MORE THAN 400+ views, get ready to win a whopping INR 1000
  • Those with 500+ views will win INR 2500 (P.S That’s enough to get you a fancy dinner – just saying!)
  • Got your eyes set on that brand new kitchen equipment…simply get 1000+ views on your video and you’ll have INR 5000 sent to you from Foodism