About Us

What is Foodism?

Foodism is a platform for home chefs, hobbyist cooks, kitchen gardeners and food enthusiasts, to come together and share their common love for cooking, eating and food. We are the single point of connect between a unique home chef and a food enthusiast looking to try new things.

For those looking to scale their home-based cooking business to newer heights, we help in branding and marketing your product to the right audience. We’ll take your product across the length and breadth of the country, creating a marketplace for it.

For those food aficionados looking to try something new, we promise to bring to you some of the choicest, hand-picked food products sourced from small, local producers across India. This is the kind of stuff you won’t find at your supermarket!

Message from Founder

From a manufacturing business to delving into food media, Vyom Shah is an adventurous entrepreneur who will stop at nothing until perfection is attained. With a strong background in managing his family business, Foodism happened to this young maverick due to his intense passion for food and the home cooking industry. He has created the brand, expanding it in various verticals. What’s next – remains to be seen!

Our Services

Foodism offers a range of services that cater to the needs of a rising home chef trying to establish a business as well as the food fanatic,
bent on trying new and local foods from various parts of the world.

Home Chefs Weekly

Home Chefs Weekly is a subscription tabloid that helps small, home-based business owners create the right kind of establishment. We publish all kinds of local and global news, legal information and business advice on how to move your home-based food business out into the real world. Home Chefs Weekly is a publication by the home chefs and for the home chefs of the world.

Branding & Marketing Support

Foodism believes in encouraging home chefs do better, we truly believe in the ideology of ‘make local, eat local’. Our aim is to create a bigger and better marketplace for indigenous business that have more to offer than the regular packaged products. We help you market and brand your product so well, it will put every other commercialized product to shame.

eCommerce Marketplace

Foodism is also a marketplace for home chefs to sell their products from. With our vaster reach and user friendly, accessible platform, we intend to take your food – to the world. Our eCommerce website will work towards selling your food – along with the foods of hundreds of other handpicked home chefs on a single platform.

Reviews & Blogs

Foodism believes in utter transparency, which is why we have a portal where food enthusiasts can come in and drop reviews for their favorite home chefs. They can be a part of a virtual food community that focuses on eating local, homegrown produce that not only tastes better but is way more healthier than anything else.

Recipe & Views Sharing

Foodism encourages active participation from all walks of food – food enthusiasts, chefs, home chefs, hobbyist cooks – if you have anything to say about food, any opinions to give, or any news or recipes that you would like to share, we’re all ears! We love user generated content.


What We Intend To Do

Foodism is trying to bridge the gap between home chefs and genuine food lovers, who would want to be treated to local, native foods instead of eating the same old packaged food products everyday. We help your snacks reach the right places. Foodism, in its efforts, is trying to create a genuine marketplace for those who wish to take their home-based business to newer heights.

Our Mission & Vision

Foodism started with a vision to make local food enterprises do better and encourage home chefs to establish their business in the market. For decades, home chefs have been marketing themselves through word-of-mouth publicity and the occasional flyer and pamphlet. We’re here to change that – to create a marketplace that connects home chefs with the right kind of audience. We do this, because we understand that when you buy/eat local, you’re not only eating fresh, native produce, you’re also helping small, hardworking business owners grow – as opposed to eating stale, prepackaged, frozen, precooked foods from a multinational chain of food and encouraging the larger economic divide.


What sets Foodism apart from the rest is the way we do things – with kindness and empathy at the core of our business model, we have set out to create a marketplace to encourage local home chefs to step out of their comfort zone and help them in every way possible. To be able to do this, we’ve created a weekly tabloid that will help them overcome generic problems and inspire them to do better. We’ve also created an eCommerce marketplace, which will aggregate handpicked home chefs from around the nation and provide delicious food – all in one place. Our methods are very transparent and open – we’ve kept an option to review the food and give advice for improvements also. Foodism not only encourages home chefs, but also hand holds hobbyist cooks and food enthusiasts to come out and share their views, opinions and recipes about food – thus attempting to build a larger community with a common love for food.

Why Us?

We’ve got a great platform which reviews, informs, markets and even sells your food for you. We will bring you genuine feedbacks from people who have tried your food and let you know of areas that have room for improvement. We will also help create your brand identity by making you the face of your own brand. We at Foodism do what we do, for the genuine love of home cooked, indigenous food.

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