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What’s Your Favourite?

16 - 22 Mar 2021

We are back with a brand new contest with @spriggourmet

We know you can't get enough of food in your life so here's your chance to let the world know what's your favourite dish!

Terms & Conditions:
Winners will be selected on the basis of the quality of the image, recipe and number of views.
The winner will be announced on 22nd March 2021.
The two gift hampers have been sponsored by Sprig Gourmet.
Make sure to follow all the guidelines.
The decision of the Foodism team will be final.

How to participate:

  • Share an all-time favourite recipe of yours with some smashing images and upload it on our website at www.foodism.xyz
  • Share the image of the upload on your Instagram/ Facebook and tag @foodism.xyz @spriggourmet