Vitamin C

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C for immunity
In light of the worst pandemic the world has ever seen, it has become more important than ever to increase our immunity against all kinds of diseases. Especially, this one! Here’s a list of edibles to keep the infections at bay.

Vitamin C is derived from citric and sour foods that help keep the heat and infections at an arm’s length. While these foods don’t help protect against Covid, they help build strong immunity to battle these for sure.

1. Lemons
The most accessible and cheapest of the lot are lemons. These little wonders are packed to the brim with Vitamin C. A few drops in your green tea or a chilled glass of lemonade with a pinch of black salt and your shields are up!

2. Sweet Limes
Sweet and citrusy, these sweet limes or mosambis are available everywhere right now and they are simply delish. Juice them or eat them as they are for a good dose of fiber, your Vitamin C has never been tastier.

3. Gooseberries
The season for amla may have ended but that’s no reason for you to stop eating them. any mukhvas place will have dried amla coated in sweet or spicy masala blends. You could even try a jar of chawanprash that boasts of the goodness of amlas with all things healthy.

4. Tomatoes
Beat the heat with a chilled glass of Virgin Mary – and build your immunity while you’re at it! A nice glass of tomato juice with a spritz of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, pepper, salt and a squeeze of lime – loading up on Vitamin C just got fun!

5. Potatoes
Who knew that this versatile carb loaded vegetable could have a good dose of Vitamin C too! We’ll let you in on a little secret, the starchy Vitamins in potatoes are great for the skin – just slice them and put them on your tired eyes after a hard day’s work. Your worries will melt away like the cheese on hot mashed potatoes.

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