Vegetarian Protein Sources

Trying to lose weight and become fit – protein is your best friend! But if you’re a vegetarian, protein sources are scarce. With eggs and meat out of the picture, one might like to believe that furnishing the body with enough protein isn’t possible. But that is far from the truth. Check out some veggie protein sources right here.

How often have your friends asked you to start eating meat and eggs to up your protein intake for fitness sakes? Well now you can tell them, that even vegetarian foods have an adequate protein content. Here are foods you should eat.

1. Paneer.

Paneer is a vegetarian keto dieter’s dream with a high protein and fat content and a negligible carb content. It is healthy and satiating and you can make so many dishes out of paneer – it is heaven! From continental grills to tikkas to cauliflower crusted pizza toppings even – paneer is your best friend when you’re trying to lose weight and working out for it.

2. Soya

There are multiple ways to consume soya – granules, nuggets, flour, beans – there’s a whole variety of things! Soya granules are a great keema substitute and you can make an excellent shepherd’s pie using these! Or even great momos! Nuggets are excellent to add in pulaos and biryanis too. If you don’t like soya nuggets, mix your regular flour with a small portion of soyabean flour to fortify your rotis and breads with the goodness of proteins.

3. Moong Beans

Moong is your bff if you’re to lose weight, you could sprout them and add them to your stir fries or make a simple, homely daal out of it and eat it with your rotis. They are versatile and delicious and very light on the tummy too. Add them to your salads, daals or simply eat them as a sabji, they’ll always be tasty and healthy.

4. Chickpeas

Love hummus – well you can eat your protein and enjoy it too! Your regular kabuli chana is very high in protein and can be eaten in a lot of ways. In fact, the reserve water from chickpeas known as aquafaba is a great egg substitute and is used to whip up delicious mousses. Your favorite dishes like chana masala and chhole with wholegrain rotis would make for a healthy protein-rich meal!

5. Kidney beans

Make a Mexican hotpot or a comforting plate of rajma chawal – kidney beans will lend a great deal of protein to your diet. It is high in other nutrients too, that keep your body in ship shape. Add boiled beans to your salads and sandwiches too for an instant health upgrade. Rajma beans can work well to make burger patties too – give it a try!

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