Sweet Potato Heart Sandesh

By Brishti Ghosh

Sep, 29th


5 persons
Cook Time
25 minutes
5 - 7


  • 1ltr , Full cream milk
  • 200gm , Sweet potato
  • 50gm , Mawa
  • 3tbspn , Cashew nuts powder
  • 3drops , Mango essence
  • 2drops , Yellow food colour
  • 100gm , Condensed milk


  • Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan & add grated sweet potato in it. Fry it for few minutes & then add hot milk. Stir it constantly.
  • After few minutes add condensed milk, cashew powder, grated mawa and cook it in medium flame till the potato soft.
  • Add mango essence. It's optional. Instead of mango essence any other essence or cardamom powder can be used.
  • Once the mixture will start to leave the sides of the pan then switch off the flame. Make it cool for few minutes & then mash it well. Take 2tbspn mixture from it, mix yellow food colour and keep aside. Make small yellow balls.
  • Take a plate now, spread the rest of the mixture over it. Roll the dough with the help of a roller pin. The dough should be half inch thick . Keep it in fridge for 15mins.
  • After that take a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut some pieces from dough. Take a spoon now and scoop out some mixture from the middle of the pieces. Put one yellow balls in it.
  • Now apply few drops of liquid jaggery outside the yellow balls for decoration.
  • Heart shaped sandesh is ready now. This traditional sandesh generally served in Bengali wedding ceremony.


Enjoy this special sandesh cool.