By Sai vandana racha

Apr, 9th


2 persons
Cook Time
2 hr
8 - 10


  • 250ml, Whipping cream
  • 2tbsp, Sugar Powder
  • 1tsp, Vanilla
  • A pinch, Salt
  • 75ml, Orange juice
  • 50 ml, Hot Water
  • 30 grms, Sugar
  • 10grms, Gelatin
  • 500grma, Dark chocolate
  • Gold luster


  • Place the serving plates into the freefer
  • Melt the dark chocolate by using double boiling method
  • Coat the 5cm round silicon mould with the chocolate a thin layer & rest for 10mins
  • For mousse Whip the chilled whipping cream for 5 mins until light & fluffy , mousse consistence
  • Transfer to the piping bag Pipe the mousse into the chocolate coated moulds , level the surface & remove the excess place them in the freezer for 15 mins
  • Using hot water &2cm round melon boller, scoop the centre return dome to the freezer
  • For orange jelly In a saucepan add orange juice, sugar Cool it until the sugar turn into light gold colour
  • Mean while bloom the gelatin in the hot water, add the bloomed gelatin in to the jely mixture cook it until the gelatin melt
  • Strain the mixture, cool it for 10 mins Pour the prepared mixture in the centre of the mousse freeze it until it set
  • Mean while prepare the feather using melted chocolate
  • Unmold the mousse, attache the two 5cm round into a ball using melted chocolate Coat the ball nd feather with gold luster
  • Take the freezed plate pipe the mousse in the centre of the plate place the ball in the centre of the plate , decorate the ball using the feathers
  • Enjoy


Don't forget to freeze the plate before serving the dessert

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