Roasted Wheat Seeds with Jaggery

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By Aarti Manwani

Sep, 30th


6 persons
Cook Time
15 minutes
2 - 4


  • 150 gms , Roasted Wheat
  • 200 gms , Jaggery
  • 1/2 tsp , Pink Salt
  • 2 tsp , Desi Ghee


  • Roast whole wheat in a medium heated thick bottom pan . and once its gets crunchy let it cool down on a separate bowl.
  • Now in the same pan carmalise the jaggery and add pinch of salt.
  • When jaggery melts and has the coating consistency add 150gm of roasted whole wheat and mix them thoroughly on a medium flame.
  • Now apply some cooking oil on your kitchen slab and with a use of ladel or service spoon pour a handfull size (50gms) of mixture and roll it using a rolling pin make sure your rolling pin is greased with butter
  • Once u get a circle shape garnish it with finely chopped almonds and pistachios .