Milk Cake

By Debasmita Karuri

Mar, 25th


3 persons
Cook Time
45 minutes
5 - 7


  • Milk 1Litre
  • Vinegar 5tsp
  • Sugar as required
  • Rose water 2tsp
  • Dry Fruits(Almonds, Cashews)
  • Salt(Optional) a pinch
  • Ghee 1 1/2 tsp


  • Pour the milk into a pan and keeping the oven in low flame put the pan on the oven.
  • Keep stirring continuously until it's become half.
  • when it will become half add the vinegar to split the milk. Until the remain water get soaked keep stirring it.
  • Add sugar as required and give a good mix. Then add rose water. Add ghee for the nice texture.
  • Off the oven flame to cool it down. Now, grease a baking mould with ghee and put the prepared milk cake into that. Keep it into the freeze for 1-2 hours.
  • Put the baking mould out of the freeze . Cut them into pieces and place it on a serving plate.Then garnish it with the dry fruits . Now milk cake is ready to serve.