Ragi flour:1/2cup Wheat flour:1/2cup Jaggery :powdered 1cup Chocopowder:1spn,ellaichis:2 Milk:1cup Dosabatter :1/2cup Salt :pinch Required water Dates:4soak it for 4 hrs then grind and add it

Ragi chocolava paniyaram

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By aswini vignesh

Jan, 14th


7 persons
Cook Time
10 minutes
0 - 2


  • Ragiflr,wheat flour,jaggery ,milk,ellaichies.dates
  • salt,water, dosabatter,chocopowder


  • Add 1 cup of powdered jaggery then 1/2cup ragi flour and half cup wheat flour, then pich salt to add good taste then add milk,ellaichies,add chocopowder now grind the soaked date and add it ,then add dosa batter to give fluffiness,add water add all these ingredients and keep it aside for 10 mins then keep the paniyaram pan on stove apply some oil Pour the batter in the pan healthy yummy chocolava paniyaram is ready to serve now


Use chochochips when u put the batter in pan it will give more yummy taste ,so that children who doesn't like ragi also will eat this