Dutiya Ghanta

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Sunila Uttarkabat




Dutiya osha is one of famous osha observed in odisha. This osha is observed by mother’s with day long completely fast to invoke the grave of lord Dutibahana for the long life prosperity of their sons. On this eve occasion we odia people prepare a special curry called dutiya ghanta. Its a mix vegetable curry with soaked pulses legumes & 21 varieties of vegetables are used for this curry.


vegetables of your choice,

soaked Chile,

soaked yellow matar,

soaked raw moong dal,

coconut, bay leaf,

cinnamon stick,

cardamom (small and large),


vegetables oil,

2 onion,

1 garlic (large),

ginger and tomatoes,

dry masala(turmeric,red chilli powder, coriander powder and cumin powder)


First make a puree of onion garlic and ginger. Add it to a heating pan add vegetable oil and once the oil heats add bay leaf, cinnamon stick and cardamom. Once u smell the fragrance add the puree to it. Cook it until the raw smell is gone. Then add all dry masala to it and mix them well. Then add tomato and cook for a while until the tomatoes become soft. Then cook masala for 5 to 6 mins after that add all vegetables, soaked pulses and coconut. Add salt as per taste. Mix them well, then cook it in medium to low heat. Do check the curry in between, it will take atleast 30 to 40 min as we used all raw vegetables. Once you get sure that all vegetables are properly cooked, add garam masala to it. Serve it with rice or roti.



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Dutiya Ghanta


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