Kitchen Gadgets in COVID-19 Times

Kitchen Gadgets in COVID-19 Times

Simplifying your kitchen odyssey

With the thrust on safety and purity and in the absence of maids the list of must-have appliances in the kitchen will need to be revamped in the times of the pandemic.

COVID-19 has brought in a lot of learnings for all especially in the domestic sector. From a time in pre-March 2020 when surviving without ‘Gangubai’ was absolutely unheard of and in case she went on leave then a replacement an absolute mandate; to a time post-March 2020 when having a bai around ups the stress quotient as she poses an element of risk  … homemakers have indeed come a long way! And the laudable part is they are ready to experiment and are open to automation and gadgets that demand minimal involvement and are fast replacing manual operations even in their sacrosanct kitchen.

Then again with sanitation and hygiene becoming priority areas gadgets which ease work in these areas will also catch the fancy. In a nutshell technology can come to the rescue to help cope with the new normal

Foodism brings for you a list of suggested smart gadgets to ease your kitchen experience –

Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectants

Are you tired of rigorously sanitising your veggies, fruits and meat? Worry not! Explore the market for gadgets like vegetable and fruit disinfectants which deploy chemical-free ozone technology to remove chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and other germs before consumption.

Water Purifier

Albeit most kitchens do host one, yet it has assumed paramount significance in times when one needs to boost one’s immunity levels and with monsoon playing hide-and-seek and waterborne diseases on the rise. There’s a plethora of options to choose from the market based on –

  • Installation – Table top or wall mounted
  • Operation – Electric or gravity-based
  • Functionality – Reverse osmosis, ultra violet, ultra filtration, activated carbon and sedimentation

Sit down and brainstorm with your family, take feedback from users among relatives and neighbours and zero-in on the one most suitable to your needs

Smart Cooker

For those who still find cooking drudgery the experience can be made relatively hassle-free by investing in a smart cooker. Some of the market products can – cook a variety of meals with just a touch of a button; be linked to your smartphone app to program when to begin cooking; also be linked with virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri to facilitate the cooking process by dictating recipes.

Smart Garden

Home-grown produce is the new rage as fresh veggies and herbs (like basil, pepper and more) are essential for our immunity and nothing compares to the joy of growing them on your own. But if lack of time and space are a challenge then go ahead and pick up the ‘Smart Garden’. This gadget comes along with plant pods you simply need to plug it into a socket, and fill the tank with water. The gadget ascertains that the pods get the right amount of water, light and nutrients for growth.


Dishwashers are yet to catch up with Indian households but in the absence of Gangubai this may turn into a priority purchase on your shopping list! Imagine slogging over the stove thrice in a day; racking your brains to think of new delicacies to tempt the taste buds of your family members; stepping out to buy essentials and going through the long winded process of disinfecting the purchases and yourself; and then doing that heap of dishes…pretty scary yeah! This gadget is a lifesaver as besides easing your labour it also saves water…a precious resource.

Microwave Oven

There’s still a lot of time before one gathers the courage and the trust to pop over at the local bakery and pick up cookies or cakes. But until then should one abstain from these delicacies? Absolutely not! Opt for a microwave oven, check out the recipes on the Foodism blog and go ahead and experiment and serve yummy cakes, pastries, puffs and other tempting items to your family and sit back and enjoy the lavish praise!

Slow Cooker

Just place any food item which can be cooked in it, add some seasoning and leave it for a few hours while you go about your daily chores or wind up that important virtual PTA Meeting. When you’re back in the kitchen, it will have a dish ready from the ingredients you put in! The slow simmering action will ensure yummy stews, soups or even desserts.

Besides the above mentioned high-value gadgets Foodism lists out some other low investment tools to make your kitchen sojourns comfortable and more importantly a pleasure –

Chapatti Maker

For those who get vertigo attacks rolling out chapattis this gadget is a Godsend! Simply place a small round of dough and sprinkle some dry flour in the presser. Switch on and then press the handle. Flip to the other side when one side is cooked. Voila thin and perfectly round rotis are ready to be served!


This tool facilitates cutting your veggies or fruits in noodles-like spirals within a jiffy, which can be used to make a salad, smoothie or a stir fry dish. So no need to break your back bent over the knife or the cutting board!

Herb Mill

With immunity being at the core of your meals adding fresh herbs in your stocks, stews and soups are absolutely essential. Alike a pepper grinder, a herb mill allows you to grind fresh herbs such as dill, rosemary, thyme, parsley etc.

Burger Press

This one’s for the burger buffs. Pick up a burger press and whip up regular burgers, sliders and stuffed burgers using different presses of the burger press. The non-stick coating ensures less oil making your fast food healthy and nutritious too.

Thanks to innovation cooking is no longer drudgery and one can find a kitchen tool for every menial and minute chore. No matter if you cook regularly or are just an occasional cook, these gadgets can help make your kitchen experience much smoother and simpler.

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