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Psst…we’ve gotten an interesting tidbit on Gaggan Anand

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FeedBites by Foodism is back to end your Tuesday on a happy note!
Check out a droolicious recipe for naankhatai macarons by Chef Venkatesh Sharma and learn all about easy detox drinks to help keep that fatigue at bay!

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Interesting food facts and a new tidbit about your favorite chef Sanjeev Kapoor! This edition of FeebBites has it all. Let us know how you like it!

We’re here with yet another edition of FeedBites by Foodism & we’ve got a whole new bunch of interesting stuff!
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From reheating stale pizza to getting an insight into where the food tech industry is heading – this issue is all about the feel good factor!
To top it – we’ve got a quick and easy Chocolate recipe for you – all inside!