World Chocolate Day: At home with these chocolate dishes

By Foodism Team


Some like it with their desserts, some prefer it with their breakfast, be it with pancakes or waffles, and everybody savours a hot cup of it during winter evenings. Yes, it is chocolate! It can be dark, milky, sweet, white, or bitter; each flavour of chocolate is savoured by people all over the world through their unique cuisines.

As we saw in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, chocolate is one of the preferred commodities in the USA, Europe, And Central and Southern America that is used for making beverages, desserts, and even candies; chocolate never fails to miss the spot to be consumed by the customers.

So every year on the 7th of July, we commemorate the presence of chocolate in our lives by celebrating World Chocolate Day. The tradition started in 2009 to mark the dessert’s first entry into the European markets in 1550. People all around the world at chocolate and dessert stores have contests and sales so that kids and elders get a taste of new varieties of chocolates or choco-based desserts.

In order to craft a bar of chocolate, seeds from a cacao tree are covered with banana leaves and left to ferment, at which point they are called cocoa beans. Once the cocoa beans have arrived at their processing plant, they are roasted slowly at a low temperature. Then it’s time to separate the shells from the nibs so that the nibs can be ground to a fine powder called cocoa liquor.

Dark chocolate, which tastes most like its mother seed, is simply a mixture of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and sugar. Milk chocolate includes those three ingredients plus a smattering of milk powder. At this point, chocolatiers can add things like nuts, salts, and syrups to elevate the flavor profile. Once cooled, the mixtures harden into the shapes of their respective molds, are wrapped in paper, and shipped to our favorite stores and candy shops.

To make chocolate bars, two vital products are needed from raw cocoa beans processing- choco powder and cocoa butter. If these two items are there, anyone can make cakes and chocolate bars from the corners of their homes.

In today’s age. Chocolates are coated with other ingredients such as nuts, peanut butter, vanilla, and caramel.

Following on this, we are sharing some delectable chocolate dishes and beverages that are a sheer comfort and delight to all of our taste buds

Chocolate brownies

A little bit salty, with some walnuts and cookies crumbles. Brownies are a preferred go-to chocolate dessert of all time. But it must be served hot and with ice-cream

Chocolate milkshake

Milk gets better when some scoops of chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup get blended well and topped with whipped cream. This chilled beverage can sweetly beat the summer heat.

Chocolate tart

Crispyness of tart biscuit with layers of molten chocolate. Baked into perfection and garnished with walnuts and whipped cream

Chocolate pudding

For many, it is death by chocolate when dark chocolate  and milk chocolate cake gets sandwiched with whipped cream and turn it into a tiramisu like pudding


Chocolate fondue

An exotic dessert that is mostly preferred for brunch or a girl’s pajama party. It just needs a bowl of molten hot chocolate and sugary or fruity condiments such as strawberries, churros, marshmallows, brownie pieces. These are ready to be dipped into the chocolate bowl and savored.

Hot chocolate

Everyone has a special recipe for hot cocoa to go with chilly evenings. Some make with bittersweet and accompany it with strawberries, others want it with marshmallows. Whatever, your preferred hot cocoa recipe looks like, it should have a bit of whipped cream and cinnamon to complete the taste of the beverage.

This World Chocolate Day, you can make your fondue, experiment with new recipes, and even get your friends to host a potluck with chocolate dishes and celebrate this day with a note of sweetness which is often needed.