The In and Out of Bartending

By Foodism Team


The best part about the new breed of youngsters is their willingness to experiment with out-of-the-box careers – so instead of the run-of-the-mill ‘engineers and doctors’ we have Gen Z aspiring to be photographers, bloggers, bartenders et al. And ahem it’s not just their love for liquor which is pushing them to be the person on the other side of the bar … the one who is in charge of serving the drinks rather than drinking them. 

So let’s have a look at this elusive yet amazingly interesting job of bartending.

Qualifications and Entry Requirements

Bartending forms an integral aspect of hotel management as all the students of this profession are given basic training related to understanding different alcoholic spirits as well as their respective properties; alongside the study of terms and connotations related to the practice, such as “how many ounces are equal to a quart of whiskey”, “what to serve a person who asks for a bourbon” et al.  

Alternatively, many diplomas as well as certificate courses in niche bartending are offered at the national and international level. The entry level requirements for most of these courses would be Grade XII. A background in Mathematics would be an add-on as it would help with the aspect of measurement in the mixing of drinks.

Some Institutes Offering Courses in Bartending


  • Indian Institute of Bartending
  • Tuleeho Wine Academy
  • Liquid Art Bartending School
  • Chennai Institute of Bartending


  • European Bartender School
  • Bols Bartending Academy
  • AAA International Bartending School
  • Elemental Mixology


The average annual salary of a bartender can fall between one and two lakhs; and in advanced professional realms, it can go as high as 10 lakhs per year.

Desired Qualities

Hard working; responsible; creative; knack for striking an instant rapport with multiple customers; capacity to memorize recipes for a plethora of cocktails; meticulous (keeping the bar area clean, organized, and well-stocked) et al. 

Opportunities in this Sector

Wine and Spirits Merchandiser

They work for liquor distributors and are responsible for visiting establishments to ensure effective product display, adequate inventory and positive brand representation. 

Liquor Sales Representative

They too work for and are assigned geographical territories by liquor distributors and are expected to sell products to bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and other retailers. 

General Manager

Experienced and qualified bartenders graduate to the post of general managers of bars or restaurants. 

Cocktail Caterer

This segment has an entrepreneurial streak and is hired to work during corporate events, weddings, and other special occasions. 

Brand Sales Representative

They work directly with liquor producers - from breweries and distilleries to wineries; and ensure orders are received and filled correctly. Besides helping strengthen the company’s presence at restaurants, bars, and liquor stores. 

On a concluding note one needs to understand that there are several aspects related to bartending which cannot be taught in any hotel management program viz.  the ability to - connect with your audience and give them a good time; confidently showcase your mixing skills; learn the art of juggling and playing around with glasses; etc.