Skills for a Post-COVID-19 Career in Hospitality

By Foodism Team



Every cloud has a silver lining; COVID-19 too has brought about many positive transformations not only at the domestic threshold but also at the professional level. We have changed our habits; and terms like – sanitisation, hygiene, masking-up, contactless, cashless et al - are being imbibed by all- and-sundry. 

Wondering what are the desirable and in-demand skill sets to spruce up your CV for making a career in the hospitality industry? Relax Foodism has got your back! 

Here’s sharing some skills to open up employment opportunities in the food industry in general and the hospitality sector in particular - 

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies

The digital trend of – contactless check-in systems; AI-generated holiday packages; automation at all levels et al – is here to stay. 

Other digital solutions in the hospitality and tourism industry to watch out for are –

  • Big data and AI data analysis
  • Touchless digital menus 
  • Automated revenue management systems
  • Digital room keys and contactless check-in systems 
  • Food delivery apps 
  • Digital events and conferences 

Now if technology is your forte then do consider investing in a digital skill set for hospitality solutions. 

Leadership and Soft Skills

In the new normal good leadership translates into – swift action; long-term planning; developing creative solutions; strict implementation of COVID-19 protocol; taking care of employees and patrons; innovating; being charitable and socially responsible; and communicating honestly and empathetically with staff, stakeholders and customers.

Other must-have skills include –

  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Self-awareness and self-management
  • Negotiation and relationship management

Go ahead and brush up on these skills and land a job of your choice in the hospitality industry.


With housekeeping, cleaning, and sanitation becoming the new mantras in the pandemic; customers will - post the pandemic also - continue to demand steep levels of hygiene and will only step into external premises that are squeaky clean and safe.

Well, how about taking a crash course on sanitation regulations, coronavirus safety and the high standards for housekeeping in the new normal?

Social Media

If there was one sector that indisputably flourished during the pandemic then it’s social media! With nothing much to do during the various phases of the lockdown people have been spending a huge chunk of their time on varied social media handles. Today this very same user group seeks advice on food and travel on their favourite social media platforms.

From the first cupcake baked by the apple-of-your-eye to safe contactless solutions being imbibed by five star properties everything is pictorially documented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. No small wonder then that today the food industry is tapping this platform not just for branding, messaging and marketing; but also for assuring patrons of their safe practices, collating data and engaging with new audiences.

So how about up-skilling as a social media specialist for hospitality businesses?

Albeit it may seem daunting to enter the hospitality industry in the current times … but a tad up-skilling and inculcating values like trust, empathy, sustainability, authenticity and social responsibility will facilitate your entry.