Pandemic Changes Palate

By Foodism Team


Pandemic Changes Palate 

Each pandemic has come with its pluses and minuses. COVID-19 too has massively overhauled the palate of the layperson

Besides improving our personal, household and community hygiene; and strengthening our digital, cooking, gardening and housecleaning skills the COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a cataclysmic change in our likes and dislikes when it comes to the food being served on our table.

Sounds unbelievable, eh? Well Foodism jigs your memory a bit to prove this point!

  • Remember the days when people used to absolutely hate ‘kadhas’; zero in to 2020 … it’s become a daily (or even two-three times a day) beverage in all households. And you can see each member of the family glugging it down uncomplainingly!
  • Garlic, ginger and lemons were something which a large number of the common public abstained from owing to either the steep cost or the pungent taste of garlic and ginger. But thanks to their immunity boosting prowess today they are a must-have ingredient in the dish with both children and elders of the family checking with the home chef if she’s remembered to add it! If mothers rewind to a couple of years they’ll recollect that their children used to actually fish for garlic and ginger and remove it from the curry or the veggie!
  • The 2020 lockdown also brought in a lot of resigned acceptance among people with regards to their so called ‘I’ll stay hungry but I won’t eat bottle-gourd!’ With veggies becoming scarce whatever was available was eagerly lapped up albeit experiments were done in the kitchen to give it a better taste and form. Say instead of a boring ‘lauki ki sabzi’ a creative home chef prepared crunchy muthiyas or yummy theplas or even a nutritious lauki-chane ki daal. Enabling the family to get attuned to this so-called ‘boring’ veggie!
  • Then again red pepper and capsicum which prior to the pandemic were at the bottom of a shopper’s list all of a sudden popped-up in the first three items! And family members too instead of hunting for red pepper and extracting it from the veggies and curries are now actually chewing on it … albeit whether with relish or not that is something which is best left unexplored!
  • Fruits like oranges, apples, lime, kiwis et al have fast replaced the king of fruits 
  • Ice-creams now are a rarity in households …  the list is endless

Do write in to Foodism sharing which big change has the pandemic brought to your palate…!

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