Business 101 for Home Chefs

Business 101 for Home Chefs

Business 101 for Home Chefs

Webinar by Foodism

In line with its objective to cater to the needs of home chefs, Foodism organized a webinar on ‘Business 101 for Home Chefs’ on Thursday, 16 July 2020

Understanding the need to package and promote the home chef vertical to ensure that it creates a niche for itself in the food market, Foodism had organized a webinar ‘Business 101 for Home Chefs’ on Thursday, 16 July 2020.


The focus of the webinar was on enabling home chefs to perfect and sell their products; and ensuring that the concrete takeaways included – learning the business practices of selling homemade food; understanding how to make their food business a success; and learning where to start and how to sell their homemade food.


The eminent guest speakers included –

  1. Mrs Hina Gautam, Celebrity Chef and Food Consultant
  2. Ms Nancy Shah, Business Expert and Public Speaker
  3. Mr Punilrajsinh Solanki, Culinary and Plating Expert

Webinar Brief

The webinar commenced with the Foodism Team welcoming the guests and the participants. Participants were given a brief introduction about Foodism and were provided with the agenda of the webinar.

Ms. Unnati Pandit, Host of the session shared that – A business plan is a guide a sort of a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals. But simply starting a business is not the end task … once the business becomes operational there is a dire need to ascertain that the customers are aware of the products and willing to purchase the same. He then put to rest the qualms of the participants by saying then Business Expert and Public Speaker, Ms Nancy Shah would walk the participants through everything that they needed to know to put together a complete business plan that will not only impress bankers and  investors but will also ensure that they are able to build a successful business.

Thereafter she provided a brief about Ms Nancy Shah that she is an anchor, a public speaker and an MBA by profession; and has been awarded the Triple Crown Award from Toastmasters International among others. She loves to be on stage so she has attached herself with #NancyOnStage.

Session 1:  Importance of Smart Business Practices: By Ms Nancy Shah

In her session, Ms Nancy Shah provided useful pointers to home chefs on – ways to market their product in order to reach maximum customers; what target market they need to focus on; tips for attracting customers; and how to appropriately price their products keeping in view cost effectiveness

Foodism Team Host, Unnati appreciated the valuable inputs provided by Ms Nancy Shah on how to curate a perfect and effective business plan and on clearly outlining the dos and don’ts. Then a pop quiz was held to make the webinar more interactive and engaging.

What are the aspects of a successful business in food industry; what kind of food do people like or what kind of taste are tending these days; how to offer the perfect blend of nutrition and delicious taste to tantalize all palates et al.

She further shared that while learning more about nutrition is one thing; turning that knowledge into results (and a thriving practice) is a different game altogether … Just like what do I wear, another question which people ask themselves at least once in a day are – What do I eat? Imagine getting a prescription from your physician which is vetted by a nutritionist – to cook certain foods at home not only for your friends and family but also for your clients, customers and well-wishers. Wouldn’t that be absolutely awesome! Well Foodism through this platform and the next session aims to precisely quell all these doubts of the fast emerging home chef segment.

The host then introduced the next guest speaker Mrs Hina Gautam, Celebrity Chef and Food Consultant.

Mrs Gautam is a well-known face of the F and B industry, a celebrity chef, food consultant, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.  Her brainchild ‘Chef at Home’ is a renowned book series which has been a lighthouse for all home chefs as it showcases her journey and experiences. Mrs. Hina Gautam was then invited to share her expertise on the business model in the health and fitness industry.

Session 2:  Nutrition and Business: By Mrs Hina Gautam

Mrs Hina Gautam addressed important and relevant topics like – the art of cooking healthy; the need for practising kitchen hygiene; suggestions for improving food quality for a chef’s kitchen; kitchen management; must-have personality traits for a food professional et al.

Foodism Host then thanked Mrs Hina Gautam for her valuable session and shared that after understanding how to attract and provide customers with a delicious food experience replete with all the essential nutrients and fibres one also needs to gain the knack of how to serve food in the right way. It is here that plating and garnishing play a pivotal role as they create a connect with the customer through their visual appeal. Host then invited the third guest speaker Culinary and Plating Expert – Mr Punilrajsinh Solanki to throw light on the same.

Session 3: Art of Food Presentation: By Mr Punilrajsinh Solanki

Mr Punilrajsinh Solanki in his session provided valuable cues to the participants with regards to – the importance of food presentation; principles of food presentation; how to sell the product with style; basic food plating techniques; et al.

Unnati then thanked Mr Punilrajsinh Solanki for his useful inputs.

The Host then concluded the event by thanking the speakers and the participants for participating in the webinar.

Well Foodism is happy to have organized this webinar to address some of the critical issues being faced by home chefs and food industry professional like – basics of starting a food business; menu building; strategic business practices etc.

Stay connected with Foodism for information on other such interactive webinars …until then please stay safe and hey continue whipping up exciting dishes and don’t forget to share the recipe with us!

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